August Pics
9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
Hi! So I uploaded our Minnesota trip photos and put more up of Aiden. I should have more from August here shortly. Been busy with the house, tennis, and work. I will try to get back into adding features to the page sometime in the near future.

- Cheers!
Arthur K

Added a couple more pics
9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
Three more to this month for Aiden. Added lots to the Family Tree.

October Pictures
9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
Hello again,
I added some October Aiden pictures yesterday. I would like to ask people for links to their image directories or for people to just send me their pictures ( so I can add them to the webpage. I'm working on an upload system so people can start to manage their own picture archives but I lack the time and skill to do it quickly. Please add a comment to the Guestbook or send me an email!

- Thank for visiting!

Halloween & November Pictures
9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
I have uploaded a couple pictures taken November 4th as well as the good pictures of Aiden in his Halloween costume.

I know I say this every month but I am REALLY going to try to put more effort into the development of features. I have this grand plan to make sort of a MySpace Genealogy thing. Anyway, enjoy!

- Thanks for visiting!

Important Update
9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
So we found out yesterday that we should be expecting an addition to our family in September. We have been trying for a couple months now but were keeping it quiet. Anyway, I thought I should post something for the very few people in existence who read this web page but don't already know. I will post more info as I get it in addition to new pictures of Aiden that we have taken over the last few days.

- Cheers
Arthur K

April Update
9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
  • Added Aiden pictures for March
  • Added Two new Aiden movies
  • Created archives for Aiden 2-3yrs
  • Renamed several archives to make them more orderly.

    - Thanks!

  • May Update
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    I uploaded a couple more pictures for April that I found and have two up already for May. I will be adding another movie here as soon as Aiden decides to do something movieworthy.

    One big new thing is that Aiden is potty training, we thought it was too early but HE is very interested and decided it was time. I was looking forward to changing his diapers for at least another year but I guess we will be getting a 5 month break before we get to start again with the new baby.

    Speaking of the new baby we have our next Ultrasound comming up soon and will hopefully learn the gender.

    That's it for the moment!

    New Baby Countdown < 2 Months
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    I've been slowly putting up new pictures of Aiden over the past couple months but thought I should post a new entry for this page.

    The new baby is due September 26th. If we could tell you the gender we would but they could not tell on the ultrasounds so we don't know either. They gave us a 60% chance for a girl but said that was really a total guess.

    Boy - Anakin Richard Krebsbach
    Girl - Adrian Rei Krebsbach

    Oh, Aiden seems convinced that the baby is going to be a boy. Maybe it is because he can say "Baby Boy" and "Aden" better than he can say "Baby Girl" and "Adrian" but I guess we shall see if he is on to something.

    Oh, and I just realized that the last movie is from March so I will put a newer one up later today.

    Anyways. Happy August!

    Old Family Videos & New Baby Countdown < 1 Month
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    So, I now have a tripod and a video camera to start filming the old 8mm family movie reels which was actually the reason I started this project in the first place. I should start putting them up soon.

    I improved slightly the guestbook to avoid spam. I'm going to implement a good system in the future but what I have currently should at least reduce stuff for a little while.

    More pics and videos of Aiden will be going up soon. We are going on a trip to Seattle in 8 days and I will put pics of that up when I get back. New baby is due the 26th of September and there will be tons of pics of that event I'm sure.

    Anyway, cheers!
    Arthur K

    Added PAX Pics, New Baby Comming Soon!
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Short Update

    Put up lots of cute pictures of Aiden from our trip to Seattle. It was a fun trip.

    The doctor said yesterday that it will be any day now.

    - Thanks!
    Arthur K

    Ultrasound Today!
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Our doctor requested it because Aylan had to be induced with Aiden. We might finally figure out the gender of the baby prior to learning the way God intended! Bwahahaha. I will post anything we find out later.

    So we are 0 for 3 in determining the gender of this baby now. Guess we won't get to snub the natural order of things. The baby should come any day now and I will call people when it does.


    Adrian Jeanette Krebsbach is here!
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Dr. Mentel delivered our baby girl Friday October 3rd at 11:46PM (23:46). She is 7lb 12oz and 20.75inches long. We are planning on coming home from the hospital on Sunday at which time I will post a bunch of pictures.

    New Pictures of Adrian & Aiden up!

    - Cheers!

    More Pictures Later Today
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Hello All,

    Things have been busy the last couple weeks with Aylan getting sick, taking care of Adrian & Aiden, Jeanette's funeral, and work but I think things are about to settle down and I will be able to upload some pictures later today.

    I just realized that I didn't post anything about Aylan's issues. A couple days after we got home from the hospital Aylan started having troubles breathing and long story short we ended up in the ER. Aylan was diagnosed with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy which is a rare condition where the heart does not work as well after pregnancy and Aylan was kept in the hospital for two nights. She is home now with Oxygen that she uses when sleeping but we are very hopeful that she will make a full recovery.

    But, yea, pictures later today!

    - See ya!

    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Hi All,

    Have been busy with work and fun recently so was too lazy to do much with the webpage this month. I have some new photos of Aiden and Adrian that I will be uploading soon though. I am still trying to get this webpage the way I like it but, again, have been very "busy".


    Aiden and Adrian
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    People always say how similar they look but I guess I didn't realize how much until I was looking at some old pictures of Aiden. Here is a little thing I put together:

    Really amazing to me.


    April is here!
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Hello again!

    I uploaded some pictures from March last night and will be throwing some April ones up soon. Adrian is getting more active and Aiden is cuter than ever. As soon as I get some time I will edit another video for the movies section.

    - Cheers!

    March Stuff
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Have some March pictures uploaded.

    Aiden and Adrian at Seven months of age

    Newish Look, More Pictures, & More Videos
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    I had my good friend Chris Webster help me out a little bit with the look of the page. He liked the boxy thing I had going on so we stuck with that and just added more prettiness. I've uploaded additional photos and video of Aiden's parties and other stuff.


    Adrian is Crawling
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Adrian first started crawling around 7/5. I will upload some video of it soonish. I added a movie of Aiden painting us and one of Easter 2009.

    Major change to the Movies section!
    All the movies are now being hosted by YouTube. This will allow me to upload more videos, upload longer videos, let you leave comments on them, and opens up a whole range of features to me. It should also eliminate a lot of the issues people have had with viewing them.

    Check it out!

    Halloween Pictures
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    I uploaded some pictures of Adrian and Aiden in their fancy outfits. Patti made Aiden's and it is awesome.

    - Cheers!

    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Uploaded ten pictures and a video of Aiden playing Doctor for March. Someday I will find time to work on this web page! Now that we have finished (at least enough to use it) on downstairs bathroom we are starting work on our upstairs bathroom. We need to finish this before it gets warm enough to do all the outdoor stuff we need to get done this year lol. Thanks for visiting!


    Good News Everyone!
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    The house next to us finally sold! Now we are no longer in an Undesirable neighborhood! There are going to be four kids for Aiden and Adrian to play with... Zack 9, Emma(?)7, Hunter 5, and Lizzy(?)3 We are excited to get to know our new friends. Arthur's birthday is today, good job Patti and Gene for making my husband. :) I am scheduling some work in our bathroom for September. There has been so much damage done to it over the years, that we really feel we need a piece of paper with a professional's name on it that says, "this bathroom is up to code" Um I think that is all. kkthxbye <3 Aylan

    October and November!
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Added new pictures of Aiden and Adrian in their Halloween costumes and some pictures from November.

    July Aiden Pictures
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    I just posted new pictures of Aiden from July. I also just uploaded a new video of him walking around our kitchen. Unrelated to Aiden I removed the documents section because I don't actually have any documents in it and it was just taking up space. It will return if I ever get ambitious enough to scan stuff or, for that matter, get a scanner TO scan stuff. I also changed the media database to track dates. This probably does not mean anything to you but it resulted in the movies being in the correct order rather than a random mess. I am hoping to start/continue the grand task of converting all the old 8mm films to digital format but it has taken a back seat to all the other things I have to take care of. So, enjoy, update the family tree, be merry, etc...

    I removed the Forums for the time being as they were pretty much just attracting people trying to sell viagra and pornography. They will return if and when they are useful again.

    Arthur K

    Aiden: Two Years Old!
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Happy Birthday Aiden!
    I'm going to try to get some movies of the b-day party up as soon as possible.

    - Thanks!

    Aiden 3rd B-Day Pics and Video are up
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Yea. So... Look at em n' stuff.


    Come and Visit!
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    No one is playing and that makes me very sad! Well, mabye I will develop more interest in doing stuff on here in the future but for the moment I am going to slack off for a bit. Will probably continue to add Aiden and our family stuff. Let me know if you want to add things!

    - See ya!

    Just an Update
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Just wanted to post something here so people don't think I have forgotten about this. November pictures should be comming soon (as soon as Aylan gets it together). Aylan is doing fine and has recovered quite nicely from her surgery. Aiden is eating more solid foods these days and is getting cutier by the day. Yea, well, more to come!

    - Thanks!

    First Video (Updated)
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Uploaded the first videos of Aiden today. The "Video" section does not work yet but you can view/download the video by clicking the following:
    Aiden @ 6 Months (Originally the only video)
    Aiden at the doctor's office with me
    Adorable Aiden eating with a spoon
    Will try to get the video section working.

    - Thanks!

    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Images should load MUCH faster now

    1. Images Section has undergone significant changes.
    2. Video Section has videos (it is still in progress).
    3. Added January pics of Aiden.
    4. Added Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary

    Comming Soon (I Hope):
    In no particular order
    1. Admin for Users - Really just to make my life easier.
    2. Upgraded Video Section - Hopefully one where you can actually watch the videos without the current hassle.
    3. Automatic Account Creation - So you can create an account without asking me.
    4. Image and Video upload ability.
    5. Improved user interface
    6. Redesign - Always have to have this on the list

    Until Next Time!

    Aiden B-Day Pics Up
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:5: PM
    Well I have what I can find up from Aiden's B-Day party. I was sure I had some of him eating cake but maybe I only have a movie of that. Anyway, he is almost walking now and has a total of 4 teeth. Aylan is trying to stop using the bottle all together but I still use it when I am putting him to sleep. I have a movie of him walking ways that I will be uploading here in the next couple days along with pictures for this new month. I uploaded pics of our new house and dog a couple days ago so check those out if you have not. They are in the Aiden photos section.

    Please contact me for modify access to the webpage. I would really like to get the Family Tree filled out more fully and get comments on the images. As soon as we get finished moving in and stuff settles down I will be trying to make more changes to the way everything works.

    Our House

    Dining Room


    Back Yard

    - Thanks
    Arthur K

    September Pics of Aiden Up
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:2: PM
    Found them and put them up. Thanks for waiting!

    Aiden - 6 months old
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:2: PM
    He turned 6 months old yesterday. I am trying to get Aylan to take lots of pictures this month so we can update the image section with something more substancial than November. BTW I can't spell for crap. Well, have fun!

    February Pics
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:2: PM
    I am starting to upload cute ones of Aiden as they are taken rather than waiting until the month is over. There is only one as of this posting but more to come!

    - Thanks!

    More Aiden Soon!
    9-, 2021 @ 6: 1:2: PM
    I will work on uploading some of the new pictures for this month after work today (April Photos).

    In other news Aylan and I are looking for a house to buy in Bozeman/Belgrade which means we will probably be here for a while.

    I have been re-writing the webpage and it is almost ready for release. I just need to get some graphics for it as it is currently pretty sparse. Check it out!

    - Thanks All!

    January 2013
    1-, 2013 @ 08: 2:1: AM
    Apparently I only posted once to this in 2012. Despite my lack of posts I have been updating the images and movies. The webpage looks different because I am working on something new and stripping it down to the basics.

    December, January, & February!
    2-, 2012 @ 01: 2:3: AM
    Where does the time go!? Seems like I just updated this thing yesterday. Some day I will actually find the time to do all the stuff with it that I want to! IT WILL HAPPEN!

    Anyway, thanks for visiting!

    More pictures and a movie
    9-, 2011 @ 06: 0:7: AM
    Some new September Pictures and a movie from the beginning of this month. It's just the girls running around and being cute but whatcha gonna do?

    May and June Pictures and a Video!
    6-, 2011 @ 05: 2:2: AM
    Just added a couple new pictures for the end of May, a couple from the beginning of June, and a video of the girls water sliding at the end of May.

    Thanks for checking!

    April and May Pictures
    5-, 2011 @ 05: 1:9: AM
    Uploaded 8 new pictures from April and May.

    March Stuff!
    3-, 2011 @ 1: 1:9: PM
    First video for 2011 and a couple new pictures. I've been occupied this year with other silly things.

    October, November, December, and January Pics
    1-, 2011 @ 7: 1:2: PM
    I've uploaded stuff but not updated this news feed for a while. I am trying to find time to redo a lot of things on this page. Someday!

    Added a couple movies and pictures
    9-, 2010 @ 10: 0:7: PM
    Uploaded three new movies from August and September as well as a few new September pictures.

    Going to be uploading some of the old 8mm videos I have filmed here in the next couple days. After having my fancy pants HDD camera for more than a year I FINALLY figured out how to do something with the silly .MOD files it creates! I'm very excited =)

    Arthur K

    Big Changes!
    9-, 2010 @ 1: 1:4: PM
    Sooooo we have our bathroom scheduled ftw! We are doing the primer and paint over the next couple weeks. Tue the 28th of Sept, our floor install part one is Sept 28, Plumbing goes in Sept 29, and Final install is Sept 30!!! This means we will have 2 bathrooms when the Aylan's side of the family come visit at Thanksgiving!!!! Pictures to be posted. Again for people who are Die-hard DIYers there have been so many hands on that bathroom, we just want to be able to say it was professionally done when we sell the house. :)

    August 9, 2010
    8-, 2010 @ 09: 1:3: AM
    A BIG "Thank You" to Auntie Traci; her dishwasher, which we received via Patti and Gene, fits perfectly where our "broke down" one went! Arthur took care of all the pile o' dishes like a champ! One project down one million to go.

    More July and August pictures.
    8-, 2010 @ 06: 0:8: AM
    I just added three pictures for August and a couple from the end of July. We are working on the basement ceiling, the upstairs bathroom, and the dish washing machine this month! Hopefully the dish washer will be an easy fix and the basement ceiling *should* go smoothly. Eventually we will get to a place where there is less to fix than is broken and I yearn for that day.

    Thanks for visiting!

    More June Pictures & a Video.
    6-, 2010 @ 13: 1:8: PM
    Added several new pictures of the girls doing stuff. Also added a new video of them playing on the couch. I should mention that you can see all the videos and be automatically updated by subscribing to my krebsbachfamilyvideo channel.


    June Pictures, Fort Done.
    6-, 2010 @ 12: 1:6: AM
    Fort done and new June pictures up!


    New May Pictures up. June ones soon!
    6-, 2010 @ 03: 0:7: AM
    We are done with the fence and now move on to either the kids fort or painting the house. There has been strong lobbying for the kids fort so that will probably win leaving the painting for the super annoying heat of August/September. Anyways, thanks for visiting!

    Oh, and Sierra is famous.


    May Pictures Soon!
    5-, 2010 @ 14: 0:9: PM
    I really have not forgotten about the web page though you would be forgiven for thinking so. Every extra minute I have had this month has gone to building our backyard fence. We have been taking pictures though and I will get them uploaded by the end of day today.

    Thanks again for visiting!

    Easter Movie!
    4-, 2010 @ 05: 0:9: AM
    Added some April pictures and the movie of the girls hunting Easter eggs.


    3-, 2010 @ 14: 0:8: PM
    I follow this guy on YouTube and I think he captures my opinion in this video. I promise not to make a habit of doing this sort of thing!

    Two new videos and more pics
    2-, 2010 @ 10: 1:9: PM
    February pictures and videos added.


    February Pictures
    2-, 2010 @ 02: 1:6: AM
    Uploaded a couple. Hopefully I will have more time to work on the page here soon.


    Frank T. Moran
    1-, 2010 @ 8: 1:3: PM

    X-Mas & Grandpa's 90th B-Day
    1-, 2010 @ 8: 1:3: PM
    Pictures of X-Mas and the B-Day are up. Also added a video of the X-Mas celebrations.

    Sorted the movie section by year.

    My next project for the web page is to look through all the videos I have from the 8mm days and start putting that stuff up.

    Looking into using for the Geneaology section. Here is what I have so far.

    - Cheers!

    Thanksgiving Pics and Video
    1-, 2009 @ 13: 2:3: PM
    Hello again!

    All of Aylan's siblings and her mother are here for Thanksgiving. It's going to be one big meal with a head count of at least 20. I have some pictures and a video up of the festivities and will be sure to get more of the actual event tomorrow.

    We also just found out today that Cyrus (Aylan's Brother) and his wife (Samantha) are pregnant with their second baby! Congrats to them!

    Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!

    - Cheers!

    Adrian's B-Day!
    0-, 2009 @ 15: 1:5: PM
    Adrian turns one year old on Saturday (10/3)! I will try to get lots of pictures from her party to upload. Does anyone have any requests for the web page? There are a lot of things I would like to do but if people are happy with what I have now I will probably put that energy to other efforts.

    - Cheers! Arthur

    September Pictures Up
    9-, 2009 @ 10: 1:0: AM
    I've uploaded some new pictures for September.

    April, May, June Pics
    6-, 2009 @ 03: 1:1: AM
    Uploaded a few new pictures!

    Take a look.

    April Pictures & Movies Uploaded
    4-, 2009 @ 1: 1:1: PM

    I've uploaded some more pictures for this month and added a couple new videos from past months that I had never got around to editing.

    - Enjoy!

    The Explosion & March Pictures Up
    3-, 2009 @ 06: 0:9: AM
    As you MAY have heard a couple buildings in downtown Bozeman exploded yesterday morning at around 8:12AM. Everyone here is fine and amazingly only one person is still missing.

    New pictures for March are up.

    - Cheers!

    February Pictures up shortly
    2-, 2009 @ 04: 1:2: AM
    Hi Everyone,

    It's been an interesting couple of months. Cyrus & Samantha (Aylan's Brother and Sister in-law respectively) had a little boy they named Donovan Allan Metcalf. Other interesting things also happened but I can't remember any of it right now.

    - Cheers!

    Holiday Pictures Up!
    2-, 2008 @ 17: 1:3: PM
    Uploaded Christmas pictures. Have a lot of video but that will take time to edit and whatnot.

    Hope everyone had a good holiday season!

    Note: Fixed a bug on the movie page that was preventing movies to be played in Firefox. So, if you have been unable to view movies in the past you might be able to now.

    - Cheers!

    Baby Today (or maybe tomorrow)!
    0-, 2008 @ 03: 0:5: AM
    We are heading into the hospital shortly so Aylan can get induced. She is a week overdue at this point and it's hospital policy to get that baby out of there. I will update when I can.

    - Cheers!

    Jeanette Moran has Passed Away
    9-, 2008 @ 15: 2:1: PM
    Katherine Jeanette Moran (TenEyck) passed away tonight at her home in Belgrade Montana.

    New Baby Update - Still Waiting
    9-, 2008 @ 13: 0:9: PM
    We thought it would be last night.

    Aylan had consistent contractions that got stronger and stronger from 4pm to around 9pm but apparently the baby is not quite ready yet. We are hoping for the next couple days.

    We have a baby appointment today at 3:00pm where I'm sure we will learn something.

    - Thanks

    Just for Fun
    9-, 2008 @ 3: 1:3: PM

    3-, 2008 @ 07: 1:2: AM
    Hello again,

    Just and update to say that I have not infact forgotten about the webpage. My parents have been on a trip the first week of this month and stole my camera so I really can't take pictures to upload. I am planning to change the webpage look AGAIN and hopefully that will inspire me to change all the other things I want to. We have lots of stuff around the house that needs to be worked on as well and I just never seem to want to do any of it when I get home from work =). So, anyway, look for changes in the future. For a preview click here.

    - Thanks!

    NEW Baby!
    1-, 2008 @ 10: 1:2: PM
    We Haven't had any official appointments yet, but we should be meeting with doc next week. I'm not sure if they will transfer ok, but we will try to scan in ultra sound pics.

    love, me (aka Aylan)

    January 2008
    1-, 2008 @ 04: 1:3: AM
    Hello again. I'm not big into new years resolutions but if I did have one it would be to work more on the webpage. I'm very interested in suggestions! Please email me or post to the Guestbook if you have requests, conplaints, etc.

    I have a file uploader working but it really kind of sucks and since no one is breaking down the door to upload pictures I am just going to hold off until I come up with a solution I am actually proud of.

    January Pictures

    - Cheers!

    December Pics
    2-, 2007 @ 03: 1:4: AM
    Uploaded one so far. I have not forgotten about the site! I am currently working on something that will let people create their own image archives and upload pictures. Right now I am trying to decide on the design of the new directory structure but then I should be able to open it up for use!

    - Cheers!
    Arthur K

    Patti Update
    0-, 2007 @ 01: 0:8: AM
    While I doubt many people come here for real information I feel compelled to post something about my mothers status. On Friday, September 29th at about 11:00PM Patti fell down a flight of stairs in our house. She was taken via helicopter to Billings MT where they have a Neurosurgeon as a precaution. Luckily enough she did not need anything really major done besides sewing up a rather large cut in her head and getting a splint put on a minor break in her arm. She has been in Billings for the last couple days for observation but hopefully will be coming home today or tomorrow. She is expected to make a full recovery and is behaving normally, other than some balance problems, from what I have heard.

    - Thank you
    Arthur K

    More Images Soon!
    6-, 2007 @ 13: 0:8: PM
    We just moved and don't have internet access at home yet which is why I have not added more pictures in a while. We have some good ones from June and a trip to Sidney MT. I will also put pics of the new house up! Thanks for visiting, check back in like a week and new stuff should be good to go.

    - Thanks again!
    Arthur K

    Guestbook - More changes
    6-, 2007 @ 3: 0:8: PM
    I have made more changes to the filter on the guestbook. Hopefully the new changes will make it pointless for people to spam the page.

    - Thanks!
    Arthur K

    Improved Guestbook
    5-, 2007 @ 11: 2:2: PM
    I hope no one was unfortunate enough to have found links to porn when looking at the Guestbook recently but it has been happening. Idiots keep putting advertisements for almost everything in there and also keep trying to sign up to the forums. I added filtering to the Guestbook so that sort of crap should not show up anymore. I really can't imagine what would make someone do that. I mean do they really think people visiting a family web page are going to be looking for porn? I mean, do you think they do it is a hobby or if someone actually pays them? Well, it should be better now anyway.

    - Cheers!
    Arthur K

    New Layout
    5-, 2007 @ 08: 0:9: AM
    I'm working on making it more pretty. I made the changes mostly because the old solution used frames which were causing people with low resolutions not to be able to see the pictures. Everything should work pretty much the same way it did before with a couple of exceptions:
    1. Added back links on the archives to make navigation easier.
    2. Added a Guestbook so people could leave comments. I still encourage people to join the forums.
    3. Added a Games section that does not have much at the moment.
    4. Added a Documents section for historical documents if I find any.
    5. Fixed a bug where you got errors if you searched for nothing.
    6. Changed the Genealogy menu item to Family Tree to avoid confusion.
    7. Changed news to only display the 2 most recent additions to avoid the list getting to long. You can still view them all by clicking the "View All News Items" link.
    8. Added a post to the Forums explaining how to register for an account.
    Again, I am working on making the page less awful looking. I need to talk to my friend Carson who has some artistic talent and skill with Photoshop.

    - Thanks

    Trying to Include more
    4-, 2007 @ 11: 2:2: AM
    Please send me your pictures if you would like them added to the page. Video is also welcome and I have a documents section in the works for any historical-ish documents you may have. As always suggestions are very welcome.

    - Thanks!

    Video Section Live!
    3-, 2007 @ 3: 2:1: PM
    I have been messing around with it for the last couple days and I think it is good enough to at least start to use. I managed to find a piece of freeware to do the video conversions so that is no longer an issue. The site is getting much closer to what I would call Phase 1 complete. Phase 2 is going to consist of filling out the user code such as tying the Forums in more with the rest of the site and letting people have more control over managing images and video. The big project I have planned is to start converting the old 8mm film to a digital format and then putting that on the website. Anyway, I'm going to do something else for a while now.

    - Toodles!

    Happy March!
    3-, 2007 @ 3: 0:7: PM
    Uploaded several pictures so far for March. I am trying to find a program to convert all the video I have into a format that can be uploaded to the webpage. Look for more video in the near future. The Images section has undergone another revamp and is hopefully better than ever. Next step for it is making the image uploading process easier. Also have been working on the Video section but it is not live yet so you don't get so see my work!

    Images Section - Slow Loading
    1-, 2007 @ 12: 1:8: PM
    I just wanted to post something saying that I am aware of the slow loading of the little images on the album pages. I am working on a solution for this issue but have been running into problems with my ideas so far. My suggestion is to enjoy each one more, they all will have loaded if you enjoy them enough. =p

    - Thanks!

    Month 7 Added
    1-, 2007 @ 08: 1:1: AM
    Added pictures from December.
    Going to go through and give names/descriptions soon I hope.

    - Thanks!

    Have not forgotten
    1-, 2007 @ 04: 0:9: AM
    I have been busy at work the last couple weeks, I have not forgotten about updating the pictures and adding more video but I just have not had a chance recently. Hopefully work will settle down after this week and I will be able to get some stuff done.

    - Thanks for visiting!

    More November Pictures
    2-, 2006 @ 11: 2:3: AM
    Am uploading more pictures as I type. Trying to get Aylan to give some titles and descriptions to some of them. If you notice pictures with odd names and strange descriptions that is my effort to annoy her into it. Anyways, see yas!

    Novemberish pictures
    2-, 2006 @ 04: 2:1: AM
    Aylan has not got off her duff to get me November ones so I took these with my crappy camera. Better than nothing. We will be getting Thanksgiving pics up soon though.

    Aylan's Surgery
    1-, 2006 @ 04: 1:1: AM
    Aylan just had surgery to remove her Galbladder. She is home now and recovering.

    In Progress
    0-, 2006 @ 03: 1:2: AM
    Working on:
  • add/delete images
  • add/delete/edit archives
  • admin for user accounts

  • News section
  • Forums
  • Genealogy
  • Contact info

  • New Look & Password Stuff
    9-, 2006 @ 11: 0:0: PM
    So, now you actually have to be someone I know about to make changes. If you want an account just let me know via email or a post on the boards. The new look is courtasy of Carson Welch who is a wiz at Photoshop, still have a couple things I want to change with the look though. Functionality comming soon will include the ability to upload pictues and create archives (both will require you to be logged in). After I get everything I want in place I will probably do a re-write of the code for efficency and style. Anyways, thanks for visiting!

    News & Search Functionality
    9-, 2006 @ 10: 0:0: PM
    Added a more dynamic news page and search functionality. Also changed the look slightly and added a contact section, but no one really cares about that.
    This weekend I will hopefully get going on the look of the page.

    Media Section
    9-, 2006 @ 8: 1:7: PM
    Added lots of functionality to the Media section. I am worthless when it comes to making things flashy so I am going to try to talk a friend of mine into helping me make the site actually look nice. That said, I am still working on everything.

    Geneology Section
    9-, 2006 @ 7: 0:0: PM
    Added lots of functionality to the Geneology section. Still working on it.

    Welcome to!
    9-, 2006 @ 08: 0:0: AM
    Please add to/correct stuff in the Geneology section, view the pretty pictures, and sign-up to the Forums. Still working on everything at this point.

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